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Independence Day

First time in 20 years of living Columbus Ohio the Somali Independence Day resolution by the City of Columbus. Thanks to our only one Ismail Mohamed first Somali American Lawyer in State of Ohio has Donne this tremendous job with his relentless efforts of Ismail Mohamed perked up to get the recognition of our nation. Today was recognized our Somali Independence Day due to his hard work and dedication, he is the Somali political figure who grabbed 4500 votes from only District 25, with his leadership style he United all sides of Somalis west,East North And Southend, his vision of changing the scope of Somalis in Ohio Mrs Amran Yareey, with die hard support and love for her nation She never had the luck to see her nation on the spotlight. She is the inventor who invented the intuitive of “ Put the gun, Pick up the pen 🖊 “ with her own money and time she built 3 complete K-12 in Somalia 🇸🇴. Congratulations:- for your hard work, and Somali community is behind you with love and support, lead us to the destined destination. We have been waiting for the last 20 years saviors to save from us this “ Mud stuck” we can repeat back the same mistakes for the last 20 years we needed change.

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